Our Story

Jeweler Philip and goldsmith Annemarie van der Linde is a couple with a shared love for jewelry.

Their huge knowledge and extensive network in the industry has given them access to incredibly rare stones, which are subsequently crafted into exquisite jewelry. Their custom jewelry design, the intimate atmosphere and personal service, makes Linde Collection a destination for an exlcusive circle of customers around the world.

“A good design is an expression of oneself, so it is up to as creators to convey not only our own artistic expertise but the client’s personality too.”

Our Philosophy

Linde collection is about beautiful, unique jewellery, custom made for the individual. Exquisite gems and South African diamonds are used to create exclusive handmade jewellery that is all about style.

There’s something intensely personal about luxury diamond jewellery. Whether it’s bought as a token of eternal love, as a way to commemorate an important anniversary or event, or as a tangible reminder of a time spent in a magical city abroad, it tends to be wrapped up in sentimental memories and held as a cherished symbol of a special moment or major milestone.

And so, when it comes to buying that precious piece, it only makes sense that it should be imbued with individual character and designed to embody the essence of the person it adorns.

Buy With Confidence

Our Diamonds are graded by independent laboratories namely the GIA (Gemmology Institute of America) and EGL (European Gemmology Laboratory).
Each Diamond we sell is accompanied by one of the above mentioned Certificate of Authenticity. All Diamonds we sell adhere to the Kimberley process, which promotes Conflict free Diamonds which are ethically sourced.
All Diamonds above carat weight 0.30ct (30pt) are graded and adhere to the International Diamond grading standard which is set out by these independent laboratories.